Awake & Sleepless
Awake & Sleepless

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Missing The Train

It happens. In fact, the last time it happened to me was waaaaaayyy back when I first started this blog and found myself trapped in San Antonio after rainbow drinks and an attempted mugging.

There’s no bigger bummer when you’re used to magnificent train rides every month than having to resort back to the ol’ megabus. It’s definitely nicer than the greyhound, don’t get me wrong, but god having to look out at the side of a highway for hours is hella turdy. It also meant me getting into town at 1:30am instead of 10pm, with only a pit stop at a Wendy’s primarily frequented by truckers and everyone else on the bus besides me. Thank god for Taco Cat in Minneapolis.

This was just the first (and the driest) of the weekend’s setbacks.


Part of what enthralls me about Coffee Marble is how much they provoke my imagination, similar to the way that fluffy clouds do. I see a dragon spewing its fire breath down onto an unseen village below. What do you see? Contax 645 | 80mm f/2 | Portra 400NC

(via themountainlaurel)